The Battle Within

When I was in the U.S. Air Force, Strategic Air Command was still a part of the services’ culture. It disbanded in 1992, considered an outmoded form of defense.

What I recall from those days was Sac’s motto:  “Peace is Our Profession.” I’ve often thought about this and long ago realized it was true because peace comes through strength.

Once again, like during the Carter presidency and the Clinton presidency, we are seeing a downgrading of our military forces. President Obama and his ilk are bent on reducing our strength to the bare bones, if not farther.

This gives the signal to other world powers, like Russia, China and Iran the idea that this nation no longer has the will to fight for the rights of other countries who are being aggressed upon by rogue nations.  The threat has turned from a Cold-War mentality to a financial, geographical and theological warfare.

The only thing that deters rogue nations is our military strength. Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill understood this, Bill Clinton and Neville Chamberlain didn’t.

Obviously, Barack Obama get’s it and is forcing it to happen because it fits in with his over-all plan to drag America in third-world status. The battle must start from within our nation.

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