Harry’s First Order of Business

The day following President Obama’s election to a second term, Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he is working to change the rules governing filibusters. He claims Republicans had “abused” the procedure and hamstrung the chamber.

“Everyone should understand we’re going to move to change the Republican plot to make the Senate an institution that has no bearing,” Reid said.

Reid said Republicans had made passing legislation impossible by using filibusters on the motion to proceed. He cited the Farm Bill and the Postal Bill as two specific examples of the things he said the Senate still had pending.

“We can’t vote on it. Why? Because it takes three filibusters, we have to overcome three filibusters,” he said. “We’re going to really make an attempt to change the rules, and we are working to make sure we have the votes to change the rules.”

Meanwhile Nevada continues to lead the nation in unemployment, and the national numbers continue to tick back upward over 8-percent.

Guess the old saying is true: If you can’t win using the current rules, change them.

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