White Butterfly

I dreamed of my dead brother, Adam in the early morning hours of the day. And as usual we were in some sort of heated exchange with one another.

When I woke up, I lay in bed and thought hard about the dream and tried to recall what it was we were spatting over, all to no avail. Then I noticed a slight movement in the corner of the room, near some family pictures.

Finally, after getting my glasses on, I saw it was a small white butterfly, flitting about the framed photos. I told myself, “It’s too cold for butterflies now,” as I jumped out of bed.

As quickly as I could, I went to the room across the hallway to grab my camera, so I could document this. But by the time a returned, the white butterfly had disappeared, and I’ve been unable to locate it since.

Did my deceased brother’s spirit come to visit me?

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