To Rig or Not to Rig? What a Stupid Question!

When campaign minions aren’t fudging the physical vote count, computers, tasked with tallying the vote, are susceptible to hacking – and Republican’s are jus’ as guilty as the Democrats. This year, Barack Obama won the election in Ohio by only 103,481 votes out of the total of 5,291,039 votes, a difference of only 1.9-percent of the vote.

Going back to March 2006, while testifying under oath before the Ohio state legislature, computer programmer Clint Curtis testified about how easy it is to program voting machines to rig an election to come out with the results you want. Curtis testified that he wrote such a program to help Tom Feeney with his bid for re-election to the US House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, the national media has very little news or information on these proceedings or anything like it – unless you want to review the 2000 Presidential election between Al Gore and George Bush. There is however a number of Internet sites that show a video of Curtis testifying.

This leads me back to my original premise that the Republicans and the Democrats are all the same and that the ‘two-party’ ruling class is pulling on over on, “We the People.” And it’ll get worse as time goes on.

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