RNC Claims Voter Fraud in Nevada

The Republican National Committee is alleging voting machines in Nevada are flawed and improperly casting votes for President Obama. The RNC’s chief counsel says some cases have been reported of votes being placed for Obama when a voter cast a ballot for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Similar claims were raised in the 2010 U.S. Senate race between Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle.

Nevada’s Secretary of State Ross Miller responds to the charges saying, “Preliminarily, it is nearly technically impossible to pre-program the voting machines in Nevada to vote for a specified candidate because it is not a centralized process and is tested individually by each of Nevada’s 17 counties.”  He also notes the chief counsel did not “provide any direct evidence” that any particular voter experienced ‘errors’ with their voting machines or any contact information to open an investigation.

This means no investigation needed by his office.

Finally, a civil rights group says Reno is one of 30 places where people may be intimidated into not voting. The Advancement Project says it will have staff and lawyers at polling places to aid people having trouble voting, claiming a lack of bilingual poll workers, adding only 29 of 525 the workers are bilingual compared to a 25 percent Spanish-speaking population expected to vote.

The Advancement Project has on its board Gerry Hudson, executive vice-president of  Service Employees International Union and Harry Belefonte, who is also listed as a board member of the progressive think-tank Institute for Policy Studies. Both the Advancement Project and the Institute for Policy Studies have been linked to George Soros, who openly funds progressive-liberal groups through his Soros Fund Management.

Nothing yet from Nevada’s Secretary of State or his office about this.

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