The New Price of Freedom

Officials have approved an alternative for NV Energy customers who don't want the new smart meters. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada says southern Nevada customers opting out can pay $98.75 to install an electric meter, plus $8.14 every month. Northern Nevada customers opting out will pay a $107.66 upfront cost, plus an $8.04 monthly … Continue reading The New Price of Freedom


Silver Tailings: The Brother Grosh

Credit for the discovery of the Comstock Lode remains disputed. It is said to have been discovered, in 1857, by Ethan Allen Grosh and Hosea Ballou Grosh, sons of a Pennsylvania minister, trained mineralogists and veterans of the California gold fields. The Grosh brothers occupied a shack along with a Canadian named Richard Bucke, and … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Brother Grosh

Nevada to Protect the Rights of Communists

Nevada has decided to repeal a state law that allows job discrimination against communists. A 12-member Legislative Commission agreed to introduce a bill at the 2013 session that would repeal a law passed in 1951 during the anti-communist fervor of the Cold War. The law allows employers to reject job applications from communists and their … Continue reading Nevada to Protect the Rights of Communists

Harry’s First Order of Business

The day following President Obama’s election to a second term, Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he is working to change the rules governing filibusters. He claims Republicans had “abused” the procedure and hamstrung the chamber. “Everyone should understand we’re going to move to change the Republican plot to make the Senate … Continue reading Harry’s First Order of Business

To Rig or Not to Rig? What a Stupid Question!

When campaign minions aren’t fudging the physical vote count, computers, tasked with tallying the vote, are susceptible to hacking – and Republican’s are jus’ as guilty as the Democrats. This year, Barack Obama won the election in Ohio by only 103,481 votes out of the total of 5,291,039 votes, a difference of only 1.9-percent of … Continue reading To Rig or Not to Rig? What a Stupid Question!

Why the GOP in Nevada is Losing

Word up for the Washoe County, the Nevada state and the Republican National Committees: the Democrats are kicking your arses when it comes to campaigning. Really! Case in point, I work for a 50,000 watt radio station, which during the day covers most of Nevada and eastern California and at night blasts from Canada to … Continue reading Why the GOP in Nevada is Losing

RNC Claims Voter Fraud in Nevada

The Republican National Committee is alleging voting machines in Nevada are flawed and improperly casting votes for President Obama. The RNC's chief counsel says some cases have been reported of votes being placed for Obama when a voter cast a ballot for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Similar claims were raised in the 2010 U.S. Senate race between … Continue reading RNC Claims Voter Fraud in Nevada

Silver Tailings: There’s a New Show in Town

Perhaps you’ve watched the new CBS television series, “Vegas.” The shows main characters Sheriff Ralph Lamb, is based on a real person. The show depicts his battle with Vincent Savino, a ruthless Chicago gangster who plans to make Las Vegas his own. Dennis Quaid plays Lamb in the series and Michael Chiklis portrays Savino. Lamb was sheriff … Continue reading Silver Tailings: There’s a New Show in Town