Dog on a Roll

On my way to work, a guy in an old pickup was jus’ ahead of me on Pyramid. He had an Australian shepherd in the bed of the truck – two legs on the tool box and two legs on top of the cab’s roof.

While approaching the traffic light at Los Altos, I decided change lanes, anticipating he’d be slower than me going up the coming hill. Jus’ then a car blew through the yeild sign coming from the Walmart, forcing the truck’s driver to stomp hard on his brakes.

The sudden stop caught the shepherd by surprise, as it was tossed over the roof and hood of the truck.  The dog landed in the roadway and rolled a few times.

For a couple of seconds, I thought the dog was toast. But after the third or perhaps forth tumble, he scrambled to his feet.

Without missing a beat he raced back to the still moving truck and jumped in the vehicles bed. He immediately put his front legs on top of the roof and hind legs on the tool box.

As I passed by, the dog looked over at me. And though I know animals can’t speak, I swear I heard him in his thick Aussie brogue shout, “Pretty effing cool, huh?”

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