The Battle Continues for Battleground State Nevada

The Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City has upheld felony convictions stemming from the group ACORN’s voter registration practices. A high court decision says it’s OK for Nevada to bar payments based on how many people someone registers or how many people of a particular party one registers.

The ruling stems from a 2008 case in which the community group ACORN hired people to register voters in Las Vegas. A Secretary of State investigation found a program called “blackjack” in which the group offered a $5 bonus if a canvasser registered 21 or more voters.

ACORN supervisor Amy Busefink pleaded an equivalent of no contest to two counts of conspiracy and was ordered to informal probation and community service. She appealed, but the Nevada Supreme Court says state law is constitutional.

A Las Vegas-area teacher mentioned by President Barack Obama during his first presidential campaign debate with Republican rival Mitt Romney said she wished she had fewer students so she could give them more attention. Claritssa Sanchez was the teacher who Obama said had students sitting on the floor during the first two weeks of school, using 10-year-old textbooks.

Sanchez met with Obama and introduced him at an August 22nd campaign rally at Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas. White House officials said at the time that the average class size of Sanchez’s 10th-grade history and government class grew from 33 students when she began teaching in 2007 to 44 this year.

President Bill Clinton is heading to Las Vegas next week to campaign for Obama. The president’s campaign says that the former president will be in southern Nevada Tuesday for an unspecified event.

Clinton has appeared in TV commercials and made speeches on behalf of his fellow Democrat. Obama has been active trying to woo voters in the swing state of Nevada.

He spent three days at Lake Las Vegas preparing for Wednesday’s debate and has appeared eight other times throughout the state this year alone.

Obama’s campaign is also planning a get-out-the-vote event in Las Vegas featuring singer Jon Bon Jovi. The campaign says the Early Vote event is set for Saturday morning at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay resort.

Jon Bon Jovi will perform a free acoustic show. Actors Aisha Tyler and Jesse Williams will also be at the event.

Tickets for the concert are available at some Obama campaign offices on a first-come, first-served basis. It’ll focus on the issues of the presidential election and encourage Nevada residents to vote as early as possible.

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