Ironic — But Not Funny

Did you hear the one about the unemployed Henderson, Nevada couple who went to the Democratic National Convention to cast their vote for President Obama’s reelection nomination?

Bob and Linda Cavazos traveled to Charlotte as delegates, putting away money from his $396 weekly unemployment checks so they could afford the trip. She’s a devoted Obama for America volunteer, while he’s an experienced telecommunications manager.

While at the convention they heard from such notables as Democratic advisor Donna Brazile, who told the crowd, “You bet we’re better off!” And senior Obama advisor Pete Rouse who claimed, “We are trying to create jobs in Nevada.”

When done, the Cavazos returned to Nevada with it’s 12.5-percent unemployment rate so he could continue looking for a job. Now, Bob has to show why he was not looking for work during that time period and it could affect his benefits.

What? No laughter?

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