While Nevada Burns Harry Fiddles

A slowdown has prompted a Carson City business to lay off 100 workers. Chromalloy Nevada officials say the layoffs come after reductions in military spending and the flat economy in Europe and Asia.

Chromalloy provides high-tech repairs and engine components for commercial airlines and the military at its two Carson City facilities. It’s at least the fourth announcement of layoffs the company has made over the last four years.

The latest layoffs cut the company’s total workforce to about 280, down from a high of 540 in December 2008. The layoffs affected both hourly and salaried positions.

Nevada’s unemployment rate sits at 12-percent, up 0.4-percent, since June. Reno and Sparks is up from 11.7-percent to 12-percent. Carson City is up half a point to 12.2-percent.  Las Vegas saw the largest uptick from 12.2-percent to 12.9-percent. Even Elko County saw its unemployment rate jump up to 6.3-percent from 6.7-percent.

Meanwhile, Senator Harry Reid will speak at the Democratic National Convention, where he’s expected to talk about President Obama’s job performance, Mitt Romney’s tax returns and the impact the Tea Party has had on the Republican Party.

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