Connecting Some Middle East Dots

"So, be patient, perseverant, and stationed," al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula commander Tariq Dhahab said in early January. "The Islāmic Caliphate is coming, with permission from Allah, and it  will be established, even if we sacrifice our own skulls, money, children and  homes." Calls for limiting freedom of expression to prevent denigrating attacks on Islam are being made at … Continue reading Connecting Some Middle East Dots


Obama Defends Free Speech — But Not Really

President Obama spoke to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) saying, “That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe … Continue reading Obama Defends Free Speech — But Not Really

Creating a Emergency Survival Kit for You and your Family

It’s always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time in the event of an emergency or disaster. Hopefully it is something you will never need but it’s an excellent idea to be prepared and have supplies ready ahead of time. We see, hear or read the news daily about fires storms, hurricanes, floods, … Continue reading Creating a Emergency Survival Kit for You and your Family

Dig This, Would You?

The FBI plans to drill outside a suburban Detroit residence  in the search for Jimmy Hoffa, the labor strongman whose disappearance is one of the most notorious and mysterious in U.S. history.  A tipster says a body was buried at the spot in Roseville, Michigan, at around the same time the Teamsters boss disappeared in 1975, but did not claim it … Continue reading Dig This, Would You?

The Hypocracy of Hoffa

“Few of Romney’s billionaire backers make actual products – most simply siphon income from ordinary workers into their Swiss bank accounts.” That’s the latest from International Brotherhood of Teamsters president, James Hoffa, writing in the Summer 2012 issue of the union magazine, “Teamster.” He’s really nothing more than a hypocrite. He makes nothing and yet … Continue reading The Hypocracy of Hoffa

Playing Cat and Mouse with Healthcare

After the death of a third person exposed to the mouse-borne hantavirus, public health officials are expanding their warning to include more than 22,000 visitors to Yosemite National Park. So far, eight people who visited the 1,100-square-mile park in California this summer have been infected. Hantavirus has been around for hundreds of years, with the … Continue reading Playing Cat and Mouse with Healthcare

Presidential Rhetoric

What sort of campaign slogan is "Forward," Mr. President? It means nothing to the working man or woman struggling to make ends meet, keeping both a roof over their families head and food on the table in this tough economy. "Forward," to where Mr. Obama? Into de-industrialization, socialized everything, a third world nation? No thank you. And … Continue reading Presidential Rhetoric

Nevada Man Dies in Embassy Attack

A southern Nevada man is one of those killed in Libya during the Benghazi attack on the U.S. Embassy.  Tyrone Woods most recently lived in San Diego before moving to Henderson with his wife, Dorothy and  and their three sons: Tyrone Jr., Hunter and Kai. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Woods died helping to … Continue reading Nevada Man Dies in Embassy Attack

Shelley Berkley’s Crooked Political Path

Democratic Congressman Shelley Berkley is challenging Republican U.S. Senator Dean Heller for his senate seat. To that end, she's airing a TV ad claiming Heller, is part of a $64 million diamond scam. "It's a reach and a diversion," University of Nevada, Reno political science professor Eric Herzik told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Given the … Continue reading Shelley Berkley’s Crooked Political Path

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Remains Off Point

Speaking at the  Trucking facility in Sparks, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan said the latest federal job report shows one in four people stopped looking for jobs in August. He added while 96,000 people found jobs, the economy needs to create 150,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with population growth. "This is … Continue reading Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Remains Off Point

Battleground Nevada

President Barack Obama flew into Las Vegas for another quick campaign stop focusing on his economic policies. Air Force One touched down at McCarran International Airport for the president's eighth appearance this year in Nevada. Obama spoke before a Democratic campaign audience at a convention hall just north of downtown Las Vegas before departing for Denver. His visit … Continue reading Battleground Nevada

Ironic — But Not Funny

Did you hear the one about the unemployed Henderson, Nevada couple who went to the Democratic National Convention to cast their vote for President Obama's reelection nomination? Bob and Linda Cavazos traveled to Charlotte as delegates, putting away money from his $396 weekly unemployment checks so they could afford the trip. She's a devoted Obama … Continue reading Ironic — But Not Funny

Silver Tailings: Gabbs, Nevada’s Future Ghost Town

There's some confusion about the origin of the name Gabbs, in the valley by the same name, in Nye County. One claim is the valley, mountain range and city is name after engineer and Professor E.S. Gabbs. However its more likely named after William More Gabb, a paleontologist and member of a survey team under professor Josiah … Continue reading Silver Tailings: Gabbs, Nevada’s Future Ghost Town

Governor Brian Sandoval’s Tough Decisions

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is the newly appointed vice chair of the National Governors Association Health and Homeland Security Committee. This is a reward for his performance a the Republican National Convention "Like Republican governors all across this nation," Sandoval said. "I chose to make the tough decisions." Does he mean decisions like voiding battling both the state's … Continue reading Governor Brian Sandoval’s Tough Decisions

Harry Reid’s Coal Black Heart

During his National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Senator Harry Reid demanded NV Energy close the Reid Gardner plant near Moapa Valley.  Without the slightest bit of evidence, he says the plant is killing nearby residents. Again, for Reid -- the truth tends to be a tricky thing. For one thing, Reid Gardner is one of the … Continue reading Harry Reid’s Coal Black Heart

Harry Reid, the Real Job Killer

While he says he supports a federal land transfer for Yerington, Senator Harry Reid also wants it to include creating a new wilderness area in the region. The bill has already passed the Republican controlled House and allows the small town to buy 19 square miles of Bureau of Land Management property to be developed by Nevada Copper. The … Continue reading Harry Reid, the Real Job Killer

Harry Reid has No Compass

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attacked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about his tax returns once again. This time during the opening day of the Democratic National Convention for refusing to release several years of tax returns, where he also contends no other presidential candidate in history has been as secretive. "Never in modern American history … Continue reading Harry Reid has No Compass

Harry Reid’s Red Solar Project

Senator Harry Reid publicly banned relatives from lobbying him or his staff after several 2003 news reports showed Nevada's industries and institutions routinely turned to Reid's sons or son-in-law for representation. Now, questions surrounding those family ties are coming up again about the Senate majority leader's influence. Reid and his oldest son, Rory, are both … Continue reading Harry Reid’s Red Solar Project

While Nevada Burns Harry Fiddles

A slowdown has prompted a Carson City business to lay off 100 workers. Chromalloy Nevada officials say the layoffs come after reductions in military spending and the flat economy in Europe and Asia. Chromalloy provides high-tech repairs and engine components for commercial airlines and the military at its two Carson City facilities. It's at least … Continue reading While Nevada Burns Harry Fiddles

To Be Clint Eastwood Tough

While Progressives continue lambasting Clint Eastwood for his speech during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Conservatives are applauding the speech and its humor. For many, the improvisational speech more than made up for the Chrysler commercial he voiced-over during Superbowl XLVI. Either way, it's safe to say Eastwood's been in tougher spots. Drafted into the U.S. … Continue reading To Be Clint Eastwood Tough

To My Son, Kyle and the Class of 2015

With my son Kyle, entering college this fall he'll be a member of the Class of 2015. For him, Andre the Giant, River Phoenix, Frank Zappa, Arthur Ashe and the Commodore 64 have always been dead. His classmates could include Taylor Momsen, Angus Jones, Howard Stern's daughter Ashley, and the Dilley Sextuplets. 1. There has … Continue reading To My Son, Kyle and the Class of 2015