Inside the Wire and Dirty Politics

There’s an old expression: All is fair in love and war. This also works well for politics.

The reason politics between the Left and Right is so dirty, comes down to the fact that each believes the enemy is “inside the wire.” That’s a term meaning your fire base, encampment, compound, etc., is in the process of being overrun and thus captured.

Once the “enemy” is “inside the wire,” this is where the worse of human nature comes into being. It’s known as “hand-to-hand combat.”

In “hand-to-hand combat,” opponents use every method available to destroy the other — including “dirty fighting.” In the case of real combat, “destroy” becomes a euphemism for “kill.”

Viewing this from a political stand-point, each the Right and the Left are attempting to “kill,” the others ideology. If I were a “field commander,” I’d go for absolute and utter inhalation of the enemy, before they reached the “wire,” and most certainly, once they were “inside the wire.”

And if you hadn’t noticed — the enemy is inside the wire. If you don’t believe me, jus’ watch the political ads on the TV.

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