Looking for Penquins

Everyday, after school, Adam and I would come home and look in the icebox. There was always something good in it, like cookies or cake.
The tradition continued as we would come home for visits. It is hard to break old habits, especially ones that seem so natural and taste so good.

During one visit to see Mom, I committed a serious breach of civility.  I looked in the icebox before kissing her “hello”.

To Mom it seemed that I was more concerned with feeding my face than I was with seeing her. And she let me know about it.

Fortunately for me, his brother Adam arrived. He gave Mom a hug and a kiss and said “Hello.”

Then he proceeded to the icebox.  As he opened it, Mom yelled at him, “What are you looking for in there?”

Her eyes were on fire.  If she could have spit brimstone I’m certain she would have done that too.

Adam looked at me because he knew that I had done “something wrong” before he had gotten there and was catching the blame for it now. I jus’ looked down at my feet.

“Well?” Mom screeched.

“I was looking for penguins,” Adam calmly replied.

In complete exasperation Mom turned and walked away. I bit my lip hard enough to make it bleed as I fought off a chuckle.

As for Adam, he shrugged his shoulders, opened the icebox and continued to look for penguins.

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