The Disgrace that is Nevada’s GOP Delegation

Nevada delegates for Ron Paul closed ranks with like-minded delegates from other states like Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. And on the last night of the Republican National Convention, those same delegates exchanged state flag pins with others as a sign of solidarity. At any other time -- this might seem unimportant -- however not after … Continue reading The Disgrace that is Nevada’s GOP Delegation


Kelseyville Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

The International Security Assistance Force said in a brief statement a crash killed four of its members, three U.S. service members, three members of the Afghan national security forces and an Afghan civilian interpreter. U.S. Army Sgt. Richard Essex, 23, was among 11 people killed August 16th, when the Black Hawk helicopter they were riding … Continue reading Kelseyville Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Murdered Nevada Politician’s Daughter Found Dead

The daughter of a murdered Nevada lawmaker has been found dead in Phoenix, Arizona, after allegedly shooting and killing her lesbian partner. Dallas Augustine, who worked as a correctional officer in Florence, is suspected of shooting Jessie McCaskill before taking her own life. Police discovered the bodies of the women after a family member called … Continue reading Murdered Nevada Politician’s Daughter Found Dead

Five Statements about Government and Wealth

You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. When half of … Continue reading Five Statements about Government and Wealth

The Dream that is Obamnesty

Democratic officials believe the growing Hispanic population in battleground states like Nevada gives those who embrace the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors amnesty legislation or DREAM Act, an edge in November’s elections. Nevada Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Shelley Berkley supports the act and Senator Harry Reid made it the centerpiece of his … Continue reading The Dream that is Obamnesty

Harry Reid Assails Dead Nevada Senator

Once again Senator Harry Reid is busy rewriting both Nevada and U.S. history.  When asked about renaming Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport during a ceremony at the airport's new Terminal Three, he said he was for it -- but that's not all he had to say. "Pat McCarran was one of the most anti-Semitic -- some of … Continue reading Harry Reid Assails Dead Nevada Senator

Nevada’s “None of the Above,” Ruled Unconstitutional

Nevada voters have one less choice in November, now that a federal judge struck down the states voting option of "none of the above," saying it's unconstitutional and should be removed from the ballot. U.S. District Judge Robert Jones says that because the option can never win, even if it gets the most votes, those votes … Continue reading Nevada’s “None of the Above,” Ruled Unconstitutional

President Misses the Mark in Reno

President Barack Obama is accusing Mitt Romney of being blind to the burdens of paying for college, claiming his opponent's education policies amount to nothing more than encouraging them to tap their parents for money or "shop around" for the best deal. "This is his plan,” President Obama said during his recent campaign speech in … Continue reading President Misses the Mark in Reno

The Widow Farmer’s Hands

She had laid her baby to sleep in her bassinette and went to Mrs. Fortain's, up the road for a visit. Mrs. Fortain owned the nearby mobile home park. Once there, they began to chat about this and that, but were suddenly interrupted by a sound of the nearby Yurok Volunteer Fire Departments siren. “Look," Mrs. Farmer exclaimed, "I … Continue reading The Widow Farmer’s Hands

Nevada Lobbyist Doubles Down

A Carson City lobbyist may have bit off more than he should have when he brought together Nevada and technology giant, Apple, Inc. Greg Ferraro represented Apple, while his company, Ferraro Group, has a contract with Nevada's Governor's Office of Economic Development, which inked the agreement. Ferraro's long-standing friendship with Governor Brian Sandoval is also … Continue reading Nevada Lobbyist Doubles Down

Yet Another Visit to Reno by Obama

President Obama will campaign Tuesday in Reno, delivering remarks at Truckee Meadows Community College. The Obama campaign says the event is open to the public, but tickets are required and will be available at Obama campaign offices in Reno and Carson City beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday. The president will talk about the upcoming election, … Continue reading Yet Another Visit to Reno by Obama

Those Shovel Ready Jobs

State health and human services director Mike Willden has announced the federal government is giving its approval of Nevada's plan for using more than $6.1 million in stimulus funding for connecting the  hospital computer systems. Governor Brian Sandoval last week signed a law that gives his permission to start building the system. This isn't the … Continue reading Those Shovel Ready Jobs

The Many Scandals of Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was appointed by Obama after his first election. There are numerous controversies surrounding his leadership, or lack there of, as the top justice official of our country. On August 8, 2011 documents were released by the DOJ, subsequent to a court battle, which revealed the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division had … Continue reading The Many Scandals of Eric Holder

Silver Tailings: The Jones Boys Headstone Mystery

It was a slow procession of mourners and curious onlookers that walked the dirt trail through the Gold Hill Cemetery on the historic Comstock. They were all there to bring an end to a mystery nearly 40-years in the making. Traditionally, the story of how the two boys died, claims their father, Robert Jones, told … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Jones Boys Headstone Mystery

Wife of Retired Congressman Don Clausen Passes Away

Jessie “Ollie” Clausen died in a nursing home in Fortuna where she had been living with her husband of 63 years, former Congressman Don Clausen. She was born Jessie Oleva Piper in 1918 in Mansfield, Washington. After high school, she moved with her family to Crescent City where she became a waitress at the Hi-Ho … Continue reading Wife of Retired Congressman Don Clausen Passes Away