The Glass Pool Inn Sign

The Glass Pool Inn was a two-story motel at the southernmost end of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s most striking feature was its kidney-shaped, 54,000-gallon above-ground swimming pool with seven portholes that allowed passers-by to see swimmers underwater.

About the only structure on the desert when it was built in 1952, the Glass Pool Inn was a like a “mirage” to travelers exhausted from the heat of the Nevada desert. It was originally named the Mirage Motel, but changed its name with the arrival of the Mirage Luxury Resort.

It closed in 2003 and was demolished in 2006, leaving only the Glass Pool Inn’s sign standing alone in an otherwise vacant lot. Now the Neon Museum of Las Vegas is searching for it after it disappeared in May.

The sign itself was a landmark for its size and unique design of two light-blue, pond-shaped facades with the motel name and an advertisement for its slot machines. The large sign was being kept on the motel property behind a locked fence before its disappearance.

Unlike many of older ‘cabinet signs,’ the Glass Pool Inn sign is made of a curvy metal which can be damaged easily. Officials says if a crane wasn’t used to move it — it would have needed to be cut apart.

Given the size of the sign and what its extraction would require, the sign may not have survived its removal from the lot. For now the sign is gone and its whereabouts remain unknown.

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