A Drive-by Cashing

My wife and I were running a few errands in town before going out to lunch. We were heading north on Rock Blvd,  jus’ south of Prater Way in Sparks when I saw a black SUV fly through the intersection.

The next second – I saw what looked like pieces of paper come flying out of the open window behind the woman driver. The papers were released by a toddler – perhaps 3-years-old.

It took another second for it to dawn on me that those pieces of paper were actually legal tender. I shouted for the wife to stop the car and let me out so I could scoop up as much as possible.

Before I could get there, two then three other men were in the intersection grabbing up the cash. I joined in the free-for-all and managed to get a hold of several bills.

Turns out they were only one-dollar bills – hardly worth the effort. And it became obvious at that point that the SUV wasn’t going to come back and the money already grabbed up wasn’t going to be returned – so I handed mine to the nearest guy, who had also been collecting the dollars in the roadway.

In the end, I figure the woman driving the SUV didn’t realize her child was throwing her money out the window. I’m only surmising here, but I think she left her open purse next to the kid with the money in view and easily accessible.

Children being children, the toddler chucked the cash out the window, not knowing he or she was doing something Mom wouldn’t appreciate. I imagine Mom’s still trying to figure out what happened to all her one-dollar bills she was planning to use for laundry later that day.

Honestly — had those ones been hundreds – I’d have kept them. Is that bad of me or what?

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