Remains Identified as Eureka California Woman

The Sierra County, California Sheriff’s Office has identified the remains of a woman found in the forest several years ago. Her skeletal remains were found in a heavily wooded area off State Route 89 that runs between Truckee and Calpine in 2003, in the central part of Sierra County.

Since then, authorities have been trying to figure out the identity of those remains.  Recently, they received word they belong to Charlene Rosser of Eureka, California.

Identification was made through DNA samples from her mother and father, which had been sent to the California Department of Justice’s DNA lab. Rosser’s mother notified the Eureka Police Department that her daughter was missing in October 1998 after having last been seen in April 1998.

Rosser, who was known to accept rides from truck drivers, was 29 when she was reported missing. Her death is now being investigated as a homicide.

If you have any information on this case, you’re being asked to call the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office at 1-888-274-3743.

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