Dear Comrade Socialist-Friends

Our dear, departed leader, Nikita Khrushchev was correct when he said, "America will destroy itself from the inside." Now that the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) has spoken saying  what is commonly referred to as “Obama-care," is constitutional since Congress has the right to impose taxes on citizens, it’s time to see what sort … Continue reading Dear Comrade Socialist-Friends



With the war overseas still raging, the inevitable happened -- Jennifer Griffin received her draft notice. Her grandparents and parents were upset – she, however, was ecstatic. Soon Jen, as she was known to her friends and family, was off to the Marine Corps Training Center at Parris Island.  It would be nearly four months before she’d be allowed … Continue reading Civilian

Silver Tailings: The Girl I Left Behind

Described as a beautiful, tall, and slim brunette with dark eyes, the day she died, miners throughout the Comstock cried. The bludgeoning and strangling of 35-year-old prostitute Julia Bulette on January 20, 1867, stunned Virginia City's residents. Less than six-years earlier, in 1861, Virginia Fire Company No. 1 had led a grand parade through town. The … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Girl I Left Behind

Ronald Reagan — the “Gay-hater”

Ronald Reagan campaigned for gay rights before he was President -- a move considered by many a risk to his future political career. Reagan had been out of the California governor's office for several years and was preparing to run again for President. In 1978, California State Senator John Briggs pushed a state ballot initiative … Continue reading Ronald Reagan — the “Gay-hater”

The Humble Beginnings of Sam Drucker

He was perhaps best known a “Sam Drucker” in three separate but simultaneous TV series during the 1960s – 'Petticoat Junction,' 'Green Acres' and 'The Beverly Hillbillies.' Frank Cady passed away at age 96 at his Watsonville, Oregon home, on June 8, 2012. Cady was born in Susanville, California, September 8, 1915. His family once … Continue reading The Humble Beginnings of Sam Drucker


She knew she wasn’t supposed to have the thing – let alone have it in her bedroom. Bette’s father had forbidden it and now she was sitting on the couch listening to him lecture on the evils of the Ouija Board. “But its jus’ harmless game board,” Bette protested. Her father either didn’t hear her … Continue reading Weegie

The Glass Pool Inn Sign

The Glass Pool Inn was a two-story motel at the southernmost end of the Las Vegas Strip. It's most striking feature was its kidney-shaped, 54,000-gallon above-ground swimming pool with seven portholes that allowed passers-by to see swimmers underwater. About the only structure on the desert when it was built in 1952, the Glass Pool Inn was a like … Continue reading The Glass Pool Inn Sign

Silver Tailings: Tahoe from Grant to Clinton

The first chief executive to visit Lake Tahoe was Ulysses S. Grant, in October 1879, two-years after leaving office. And contrary to popular belief, John Kennedy's visits to Tahoe were before he was elected president in November 1960. It's rumored he visited the Cal-Neva, which was owned by Frank Sinatra at the time, for a … Continue reading Silver Tailings: Tahoe from Grant to Clinton

Remains Identified as Eureka California Woman

The Sierra County, California Sheriff's Office has identified the remains of a woman found in the forest several years ago. Her skeletal remains were found in a heavily wooded area off State Route 89 that runs between Truckee and Calpine in 2003, in the central part of Sierra County. Since then, authorities have been trying to … Continue reading Remains Identified as Eureka California Woman

The Air Force’s Missing Trainer

While completing background research about adventurer Steve Fossett, I happened across a related story. This one takes place May 9, 1957 and is still the subject of speculation. "Wife Refused to Let Hope Dwindle," declared the front-page headline in the Reno Evening Gazette on July 3, 1957. The story of David Steeves dominated the upper half … Continue reading The Air Force’s Missing Trainer