Noise at the Door

Things got crazy-weird around the house this afternoon. I was taking a nap when the dogs suddenly went nuts.

Before I could respond to their barking, I heard our front doorknob jiggling back and forth – followed by someone messing with the dead bolt.

I concluded someone was trying to break into the house.

After trying to see who was at the door and having no luck, I pulled my rifle off the wall and cranked one into the chamber. Then I stood back a couple of feet – ready to shoot.

As a small back story to this situation – over the weekend two young males were recorded on surveillance footage kicking in doors and running away. This has happen three times that I’ve learned of in the last two days.

While standing there aiming my rifle – the noise stopped and I could hear voices as they spoke to one another. I looked outside and saw it was two kids about 12 or 13 years of age and they were talking with my next door neighbor.

Quickly, I opened the front door and shouted to the young boy closest to me. “Do I know you?”

He answered. “No.”

I then asked, “Do you know me?”

Again he answered, “No.”

“Then why are you trying to get into my house?” I asked.

“We found your key,” the boy answered as he stepped up onto the front porch, “And we wanted to see if you were home.”

It was at that moment he saw the rifle I had in my hand. He came to a sudden stop as he stared at it.

“Yeah, you could have gotten yourself killed,” I stated as flatly as I could.

I could hear my heart pounding as I realized what I had jus’ done.

Then I told him and his friend about what has been happening around the area. I also did my best to explain the fact that entering a person’s home — even if you have a key in hand – is illegal.

The thought of him gaining entry and the idea of how horrible the outcome could have been leaves me with a sickening feeling in the middle of my gut.

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