Snack Attack

Though it’s long after midnight — I’m up having a snack. Two egg sandwiches and a hot lemonade spiked with ‘Sailor Jerry’s Rum.” It’s a meal that can’t be beat considering how early or late one might believe it to be.

Much of my day was spent on my own. My wife was at work while our housemate was off helping a friend move.

I ended up in mid-town Reno taking pictures of murals — something I’ve been mistakenly calling graffiti.

It’s always amazes me that I cab find art where ever I go and in much of what I see. I’m even more amazed when I manage to capture a picture that I can call my own work.

More than taking photo’s occurred as well — and soon you’ll know why my lemonade’s laced.

For the third time in my life, I was hit by a moving vehicle. And for the third time — I walked away virtually unscathed.

It happened as I was crossing Virginia Street near Lulu’s Chic Boutique jus’ north of Arroyo. I looked both way and even waited for some cars traveling north ob Virginia to pass by.

After stepping out into the road I watched as two cars heading south failed to stop for me as I walked through the cross walk. I wasn’t sure if the third car was going to stop or not.

It did — but the truck I saw pull up to the stop sign across the street from me decided to go when the third car did stop. I saw the hood of the truck out of the left periphery of my eye and prepared for the worst.

The driver of the truck managed to stop in time and not run me over. However the bumper smacked into me and I banged up my left arm pretty good on the hood of his truck.

He apologized for not seeing me and nearly running me over. I let him off the hook with, “It’s okay, accidents happen,” because I thought the dude was going to burst out in tears.

I’m jus’ now beginning to feel the pain.

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