President Obama Visits Reno Couple

It was quick visit from President Obama as he sat down at the dining room table with a Reno couple. He came to town after an overnight visit at actor George Clooney’s home where he raked in nearly $15 million, a record for a single fundraiser.

Guests paid $40,000 to attend and included Robert Downey Jr., Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin, Jack Black, Salma Hayek, Tobey Maguire and Stacy Keibler. It’s a stark contrast with Obama’s visit to highlight the plight of struggling homeowners in Nevada.

During the scheduled visit he had a private conversation with Valerie and Paul Keller to discuss their refinancing situation as they had been ‘upside down,’ on their mortgage. Then after talking with the Kellers, Obama took the opportunity to blasted the GOP — saying Republicans had no new ideas and weren’t willing to work with him.

“They think that all we can do are try the things that have been done in the past — things that they’ve tried in the past. So they want to cut more taxes, especially for the wealthiest Americans,” the President said. “They want to cut back on the rules that we put in place for banks and financial institutions. They’ve said that they want to let the housing market hit bottom, and just hope for the best.”

Meanwhile Nevada’s Lt. Governor Brian Krowlicki pointed out that discussing home refinancing is not addressing the real issue — which are jobs.

“I appreciate the fact the president is coming to town and sitting the living room with the Kellers but it’s not going to solve our problems,” Krolicki said during a brief conference call ahead of Obama’s visit.

Congressman Mark Amodei  was also part of the same conference call, adding, “There are several projects that are no brainers.  It’s like the Yerington Mine Bill Project, 800 hundred jobs on the ground at no cost to the government with no cultural or environmental issues.”

But for me — the most telling thing to come out of President Obama’s visit with the Kellers is that when asked, Valerie Keller says she’s still undecided about who she’s voting for in the upcoming Presidential election this November.

“I’m leaning, but undecided,” she says tells KOLO-TV’s Ed Pearce, “I’m still watching the economy.”

Talk about kicked in the crotch! I mean what’s a popular President gotta do to earn the vote of a commoner?

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