Whistle While You Work

Whistling – someone was whistling and as far as I knew – I was the only person in the radio station. I set my coffee down and continued from the newsroom down the long hallway towards the front office.

Whoever was whistling stayed ahead of me – as if they knew what direction I’d be walking. By the time I passed by the reception area and into the inner offices, the whistling seemed to be coming from the kitchen.

I stopped and listened – realizing the whistling had gone silent.

And even though it was now quiet, I continued through the building hoping to find whomever was making the noise. I found no-one.

About two-hours later, jus’ as I was heading for the backdoor and the parking lot where my truck was parked, I heard my name. It sounded like a male voice.

This caused me to stop in my tracks. I listened for further sound – but nothing came.

So I went back to the newsroom and asked my co-worker, Matt, if he’d shouted my name. I could tell by the look on his face that he hadn’t even before he told me, “No.”

Instead of returning to the inner office area, I decided to go out the side door and around to where my truck sat. I’d had enough of what or whoever it was playing tricks on me.

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