Gone Jogging

I decided to do what I’m not really supposed to do anymore – I went for a short jog. Today, as expected, I’m stoved up and in so much pain.

No — I’m not complaining – I’m jus’ sharing with you.

Time and again I dream of running through the Redwood’s behind my childhood home like I used to do. My wife’s constantly waking me up because I thrash so much while in bed.

The only other dreams I have are more or less nightmares, brought on by bad and rough memories. This however is a different subject all together.

My plan is to recuperate from the soreness in my calves and the ache in my lower back only to do it to myself once again as soon as the hurt subsides. I want to work myself back into shape and I need to do it slowly.

Like the Chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

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