Sandwich Sensitivity

In my wife’s business of Port of Subs, making sandwiches, they offer 18 different cold subs. My favorite is the Number 1; ham, salami, capicolla, pepperoni and provolone on sourdough.

After 20-years of doing the same thing, she’s got the process down to a science. She also has certain phrases she uses when directing her employees or assisting customers.

One noontime lunch rush, a Reno police officer handed her a note. She quickly read it, laughed, then shoved the note into her work pants’ pocket.

That evening she came home and placed the note on the refrigerator. She told me I ought to read it as she headed for the bedroom to change clothes.

“Men are so sensitive,” she said as she disappeared down the hallway.

Without waiting I walked over and started reading it. I couldn’t help laughing aloud.

In the note, the officer suggests she find something different to say besides, “He has a small one.”

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