Odd how easily -- and quickly a day can get away from me. I started out writing an article on the history behind the western film, "The Ox-Bow Incident," but got side-tracked when my neighbor came over from across the street for a visit. It was a nice visit and an enjoyable chat -- but … Continue reading Postponing


The White Sombrero

Researching family names, I happened upon a newspaper article that casually mentions a distant cousin -- Joe Hufford. I don't know much about him, other than his name, appears in other family registries. I ended up piecing this story together from that article and though it doesn't involve him directly -- I thought it interesting. Nine shots in all … Continue reading The White Sombrero

Silver Tailings: No Horsing Around

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was thrown off and kicked by a horse in 2010. He was riding with his brother near Pyramid Lake when the accident occurred. The governor, an experienced horseman, was riding an animal that had only been saddle-broke a month. Gibbons was transported to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, where he underwent … Continue reading Silver Tailings: No Horsing Around

Silver Tailings: The Secret Truth of Rumors

Authorities at Lake Tahoe solved the mystery of a scuba diver who disappeared July 10, 1994 in the mountain lake's deep, frigid waters.  The well-preserved body of Donald Christopher Windecker was discovered July 23, 2011 on an underwater shelf, 265 feet below the surface. A remote-controlled mini-submarine with a robotic claw raised the man's remains … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Secret Truth of Rumors