Spring’s arrived in my neck of the woods – or more appropriately – the high desert. The crocuses are budding and the reptiles are coming out of their long-time’s burrows. The latter wouldn’t have been known to me if it hadn’t been for my black lab, Yaeger. He was kind enough to bring me the … Continue reading Mischief


Nevada’s Still Looking for Green Jobs

President Obama's making a pitch for his national energy strategy.  Speaking in Boulder City, Nevada, at the Copper Mountain Solar I plant, he says the strategy must include an aggressive pursuit of clean, alternative energy sources. The President also says the solar energy industry's increasing, adding the U.S. must continue efforts to lessen dependency on foreign oil.  … Continue reading Nevada’s Still Looking for Green Jobs

History of the Blue Ledge Mine

While doing some research about Del Norte resident L.F. Cooper, I found out he and others were invested in a mining operation in a neighboring county. Furthermore the mine exists today. Somewhere between 1896 and 1898, copper deposits were discovered in Siskiyou County, near the Oregon border. Named the Blue Ledge for it's distinct coloring, the … Continue reading History of the Blue Ledge Mine

Another Nevada Democrat, Free Speech and a Twist

It was October 10, 2007 when Nevada Senator Harry Reid took to the senate floor and assailed Rush Limbaugh over comments he made regarding phony soldiers. Reid had his facts wrong saying Limbaugh had called members of the military "phony soldiers." What Limbaugh actually said was in response to a caller, who stated: "And what's … Continue reading Another Nevada Democrat, Free Speech and a Twist


It's hard to imagine a city with 10,000 people was once located in the Owen's Valley. Harder still to imagine -- they were mostly American citizens, detained by their own government. Camp Manzanar was authorized following Pearl Harbor. In early 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, calling for people of Japanese ancestry to be … Continue reading Manzanar

Silver Tailings: The Railroad Town of Caliente

Located jus' north of Las Vegas on U.S. 93, Caliente started with two escaped slaves, Ike and Dow Barton, raising cattle and hay in 1860. They sold out to Charles and William Culverwell, who owned a simular operation near the mining camps of Pioche and Delamar. With the 1901 arrival of the Salt Lake Rail … Continue reading Silver Tailings: The Railroad Town of Caliente