Painfully Honest

Asking random questions is one of the things I’ve come to enjoy about Face Book. I can post it, walk away for a little while and depending on the question – I can get several responses.

One question asked was , “When it comes to friends, do you want one that’s painfully honest with you or one that says what you want to hear?”

My friend William Harry Adams responded, “Painfully honest.  With that said — in the seventies at St. Joe — you looked like a Dork acting like you knew Kung Fu.  Glad I got that off my chest.”


At first I was going to be upset at him for being so insulting – especially after more than 40 years, but then I thought about the situation back then. I realized a long time ago that perception is a strong point of view.

The day William’s speaking of started in the classroom with a bunch of kids picking on another boy who had tried to kiss one of the girls. I got wind of a rumor that he was going to be beaten up and I didn’t want to see that happen.

So once out on the playground, I stepped in, picking a fight with the largest of the kids there and that was Mike Brixey. We didn’t really know each other, but I’m sure we both figured I’d get pounded for certain.

Instead of simply putting up my dukes like Mike did, I took a strange stance and prepared to defend myself.  The stance was one I’d learned a couple of weeks earlier in Kung Fu class I’d been taking at Requa AFS.

In retrospect, I’m certain I’d of gotten the crud beaten out of me, had I not taken that stance. It left Mike wondering about what I knew and it gave time for one of the Sisters’ to stop what was about to happen.

So, while it looked stupid to William, it served the purpose in the end as neither Mike or I got in trouble and the kid who was going to get beaten up, didn’t. Instead, Mike and I became friends, eventually getting in trouble for cutting up during church service.

By the time I was a sophomore I’d come to realize that the best Kung Fu fighting technique was the one called, “avoidance.”

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