A New Dialogue

After more than a year of being unable to go to regular church services at Sparks Christian Fellowship, my work schedule changed and I made it the last two Sundays. I’ve missed attending church.

The first Sunday back I submitted a prayer request – not for my self – for my brother, Adam. I felt it important to have someone pray for his spirit aside from myself.

By the following Wednesday, there was an abrupt change in the “story,” regarding how he died. My sister told me that she’d heard he’d died in a motel room near the hospital and not in the hospital.

Furthermore she says Adam didn’t die from a taking a “handful of drugs,” rather he had a two medicated patches atop one another when there was supposed to be only one. So essentially, he didn’t kill himself as I was first told.

I concluded that my prayer request opened up my sister’s heart enough for her to finally tell what she’d been holding onto for so long.

Then this last Sunday, I saw my friend Pastor Brett Glanzmann and told him about my supposition. However it didn’t come out as cleanly as I’d wanted it too.

Instead, I admitted to him that, “I don’t want to pass it off to prayer only — as that would be nuts.” After I said it, it occurred to me that my faith is on sandy ground and subject to falling.

Brett, I think, realized it too. Obviously, I wasn’t willing to give the credit to God like I should.

Ever since church services I’ve been thinking about what I said and how I said it. I know now that I needed to say it aloud to someone in order for my heart to begin the healing process.

Thanks, Brett for helping me open a new dialogue with God.

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