40 Days and 40 Nights

This adventure began last year, when there was but two days left in the month of December. It continues this morning.

Of course, I’m referring to the fact that I’ve been on the job daily now for the last forty calendar days and there’s no sign of relief in sight. Don’t get me wrong – I accepted this assignment and am more or less bragging and not complaining.

Prior to this — the longest period I works straight in a row, without a day off was 92 back in 1994. Then like now, the radio station was shorthanded and I told my director I could handle it.

Also, then like now, I took the assignment as a challenge. I’m prepared to push through for as long as possible without regard to the normal worry of what “too many days in row,” might do to my psyche.

Yes, I’ve had my ups and down. I come to work lacking in much-needed sleep – but then there’s also been mornings where I’ve slept so well the day before that I hardly noticed the ongoing pace.

A couple of days ago I was fatigued and I allowed myself to feel sorry for me. This came after I heard a negative comment regarding my work performance.

It took me a couple of hours to realize I was “at fault,” for letting my attitude develop in the direction it did. Once I saw what I was doing to myself, I snapped out of it and put my mind right.

It IS all in the attitude!

There are two things I look at to keep myself driving in the positive direction I need and want each new day – the first I’ve already mentioned – is the challenge. The second is the knowing there are men and women out on the frontlines, lugging pounds of gear, in all kinds of weather, in danger from a sniper or a bomb — and I’m standing “safe and sound,” in from of a microphone.

Here’s to the next…

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