The Watched Pot

Robert Leverett and Adam were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I think Robert was making a bowl of oatmeal -- the reason he had a pan of water on the stove. He was staring intently down at the pan of water as the elements under it heated up. I was feeling impatient as I stood … Continue reading The Watched Pot


Harry Reid, Agenda 21 and America 2050

Smart Growth, Biodiversity, Outcome Based Education, Sustainable Development, Green, World View, Traffic Calming, Affordable Housing, Consensus, Social Justice, Regional, Open Lands, Quality of Life, Benefit for All; warm and fuzzy words and each a part of a code. It’s sinister and secretive – therefore you have to research and research until you locate the missing … Continue reading Harry Reid, Agenda 21 and America 2050

The Wayne A. Larson VFW Post #7356

As I started my research on the Veterans of Foreign War hall in Klamath, I discovered it no longer exists. Checking with the VFW's California Directory, I learned the hall was shuttered years ago due to low attendance and all existing memberships were transferred to the John McElroy Post #1381, in Crescent City. Not only was … Continue reading The Wayne A. Larson VFW Post #7356

Romney Takes Nevada GOP Caucus — Again

Nevada drew little attention in the nominating campaign but figures to be a fierce battleground in the fall between the winner of the GOP nomination and Democratic President Obama. Front-runner Mitt Romney's cruised to a projected victory in Nevada's caucuses, earning a second straight win.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul … Continue reading Romney Takes Nevada GOP Caucus — Again