I can hear Jeff Foxworthy’s voice ringing in my head, “If you spend more on your dogs in a year than you do on your wife – you might be a Redneck.”

Now, he didn’t really say this – but I did jus’ to make my point.

Right before Christmas, our pit-bull, Roxy got the crud beat out of her and I figured her was a goner. But after several hundred dollars she’s mending very well.

Then last week our Yorkshire terrier, Trixie, had a run-in literally with the dog door that fractured her lower jaw. She’s 11-years- old and doesn’t see very well anymore and didn’t know that the door was down when she was called in.

She made a mad dash in to the garage and ran face first into the closed-door. She hit it with such force that it bounced her backward about four feet and left her sitting on the cement, stunned, for about half a minute.

For the next day she refused to eat or drink and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her mouth. I ended up taking her to the veterinarian and for a few hundred bucks more, had her treated.

She’s now on the mend too. I wish I could say the same for our budget.

Perhaps it’s time to have my wallet euthanized.

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