Double Jack Dilemma

I had been home a few minutes when my wife told me she had problems with the new set of headphones she'd planned to use the evening before to watch some television shows via the Internet. I didn't understand what she was talking about. "Here, I'll show you," she said as we walked to the … Continue reading Double Jack Dilemma


Silver Tailings: Slothfulness in Nevada

Did the now-extinct giant ground sloth live alongside native Paiute and Shoshone tribes? In 1930, archaeologist M. R. Harrington started working in Gypsum Cave, in the Frenchman Mountain Range. He found evidence of mankind along side deposits of petrified feces. Then he found the skull and bones from a giant ground sloth. Below these, he … Continue reading Silver Tailings: Slothfulness in Nevada

Nevada Marine Returns Home

A private jet carrying U.S. Marine Cpl. Jon-Luke Bateman's flag-draped casket landed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.  A half-dozen family members, a flight of airmen, the base color guard and seven white-gloved Marines met the plane on the tarmac for his final journey home. The 2007 Pahrump High School graduate died January 15th while trying … Continue reading Nevada Marine Returns Home

Pahrump Marine Killed in Afghanistan

A 22-year-old U.S.  Marine has died in Afghanistan.  Cpl. Jon-Luke Bateman of Pahrump is the first Nevadan to die in overseas military operations this year. On his Facebook page Bateman listed his favorite quote as, "Ducle et decorum est pro paria mori."  It's Latin and translated reads, "It is sweet and right to die for your country." … Continue reading Pahrump Marine Killed in Afghanistan

Silver Tailings: Walker Lake’s Serpent

When white's settled Walker Lake in 1881, they noted the local Paiute's didn't own boats. A local paper, the Hawthorne Arsenal, reported it was “believed to be have been the only lake in the country near which resident Indians had no boats, and they had no desire for any.” Two year's later, the Walker Lake … Continue reading Silver Tailings: Walker Lake’s Serpent

Biden Speaks at Galena in Reno

Like all high schools in Washoe County, this week’s been Finals Week at Galena High School. It’s also been a week of unusual activity with the Secret Service on campus preparing for a visit from Vice President Joe Biden. Amid this activity, which allegedly entailed one male teen taken from class for uttering something inappropriate, students … Continue reading Biden Speaks at Galena in Reno

Background on The Iowa Caucuses

Here's a break-down of The Iowa Caucus results going back to 1972: 2008 -- Democrats: Barack Obama 37.6%, John Edwards 29.8%, Hillary Clinton 29.5%, Bill Richardson 2.1%, Joe Biden 0.9%, Others 0.2% Eventual nominee: Barack Obama Republicans: Mike Huckabee 34.4%, Mitt Romney 25.2%, Fred Thompson 13.4%, John McCain 13%, Ron Paul 9.9%, Rudy Giuliani 3.4% … Continue reading Background on The Iowa Caucuses