Sawmills and Scalps

The first sawmill in Del Norte County was established in 1853 in a gulch near the intersection of Third and C Streets in Crescent City. The machinery shipped from Pomona and it was F. E. Watson who built and operated it for R. F. Knox & Co. of San Francisco. Much of the lumber was … Continue reading Sawmills and Scalps


Political Temper Tantrums and Jobs

Nevada's unemployment rate held steady at 13.4 percent in September as jobless figures fell in other states. The September figure is a drop from a year ago at 14.9 percent.     State employment department economists say 10,000 jobs were added, but most were seasonal and the net job gain was closer to 1,800.  Governor Brian … Continue reading Political Temper Tantrums and Jobs

Silver Tailings: Reclaiming the Cannon

Annually, the University of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, square off for the rights to maintain a replica of the Frémont cannon, which was left by the expedition in a canyon back in 1844. It is arguably the most expensive cross-state trophy in the nation. During a television interview, UNR football … Continue reading Silver Tailings: Reclaiming the Cannon