Trouble Comes in Threes

It seems northern Nevada cannot catch an even break this month. First a shooting in Carson City that left five dead and seven injured, followed by a plane crash at the Reno Air Race, which killed eleven and injured 69 people and now another shooting.

Authorities are investigating after a shooting inside a Sparks casino led to an evacuation and lockdown early Saturday.  Sparks Police say a group of members from the Hell’s Angels and Vagos motorcycle clubs got into a fight inside near the Trader Dick’s bar where several shots were fired.

When officers arrived, they found three people with gunshot wounds who were transported to the hospital. One person died while the other two are being treated for their non-life threatening injuries.  

Detectives say the man killed in the gun battle was the president of the San Jose chapter of the Hells Angels Jeffrey Pettigrew. The two who were wounded are Vagos members Leonard Ramirez and Diego Garcia and are in stable condition.

But it was another shooting in the city Saturday morning that was the final straw. Authorities say in the second attack, a drive-by shooting by a pair of men in a black SUV on a lone biker, may or may not be connected to the casino gunfight.

The lone biker is listed in stable condition, while the pair made good their escape.

And true to his nature, Mayor Geno Martini decided to cancel Sparks’ share of a big biker festival the rest of the weekend.  He also declared a formal state of emergency in the city saying will help speed state assistance if there’s any more trouble.

Once again the many have to pay for the wrongs committed by the few.

And while vendors close-up their booths and put away their tents and goods in Sparks, Street Vibrations continues to rumble on through Reno. Authorities in the Biggest Little City have added extra patrols to the festivities in order to maintain public safety.

They say trouble come’s in threes. I hope whoever “they” is — they’re correct.

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