A Part of History

It was a history making day for me – and anyone else who vote in Nevada’s Congressional District 2’s special election. History making because Nevada had never held a special election for a congressional seat since it was accepted into the Union, until now.

I waited to vote on election day, instead of voting early as many did, at my local precinct — Shaw Middle School on Eagle Canyon.

The seat opened up after Dean Heller was appointed to the U.S. Senate to fill-out the term of John Ensign who resigned amid a series of scandals.  Heller had been the CD-2 House Representative since first being elected in 2006.

There were jus’ four candidates in this election: Kate Marshall, Democrat and the current state treasurer; Mark Amodei, Republican; Timothy Fasano, Independent American Party; and Helmuth Lehmann, Moderate Independent.

Regardless of the winner, I’m using the event to point out – we all participate in history. We should record these things for our families and the future.

I also take voting seriously and I hope you do too.

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