By Degrees

The world grew smaller some how as I slept the day away, resting for my overnight shift at the radio station. I didn’t find this out until I got up to get ready for work.

My bride told me she received a telephone call from her sister, Sarah, who lives in Ramona, California. The two ended up talking about the shootings that happened in Carson City at the local IHOP.

That’s when Sarah informed my bride that she knows the brother-in-law of Florrie Donovan-Gunderson. Her next-door neighbor is the brother of Wally Gunderson, Florrie’s husband, who was also shot in the attack.

I understand from various media reports, Wally is continuing to recover.

Evidently Sarah spent part of her day with her neighbor, Randy, as people dropped by his home to offer their condolences. Sarah and her husband have known Randy for over six years.

I couldn’t make this stuff up — even if I tried!

Meanwhile,  the Nevada Army Guard has announced Major Heath Kelly, who was gunned down while eating breakfast, has been elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  On the day of the shooting, another soldier shot and killed, Sgt 1st Class Christian Riege was promoted to Master Sergeant.

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