A Precious Moment?

Got up early yesterday morning so I could take some pictures of the 30th Annual Great Reno Balloon Races. I have often wished there was a way the races could be held later in the day — I’m so not the early morning guy I used to be.

Afterwards, I had an eye-appointment. After more than three-years between visits, I paid over $120 to learn what I already knew — I need new glasses.

Fortunately I went and played photographer before the exam, since  Doctor Tom dilated my eyes. I couldn’t see much of anything once I got outside the building  and into the sunshine.

My friend Kay, told me my pupils were so “blown” I could have been a model for a Precious Moments figurine. But instead of applying for the modeling gig — I went to bed in order to get enough sleep for my midnight shift at the radio station.

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