Civilian Killed in IHOP Attack

Spanish Springs 2011 – As the community of Carson City attempts to come to grips with the multiple shooting deaths at a local IHOP, authorities are still searching for a motive in the homicide case.  So far investigators have had little luck in learning why the gunman open fired on the group of Nevada Army Guard as they ate breakfast.

What is even less clear to police is the shooting death of 67-year-old Florence Donovan Gunderson. Her husband, Wally Gunderson, a retired Marine, who recently underwent back surgery, was also shot in the attack and is expected to survive.

The Associated Press reports Florence, who went by the name Florrie, was active in the Republican Party and prior to retiring she worked in the credit department of Harrah’s Lake Tahoe casino for 10 years. She also liked to cook, bake and knit.

Wally was a security guard at the casino until 1998. He has multiple sclerosis, uses a wheelchair and service-dog and depended on Florrie to get around.

It’s believed the couple was at the IHOP to have breakfast before Wally’s dentist appointment in Carson. So far there has been no word on funeral arrangements.

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