A Brief Note to Mom

Dear Mom -- Thank you for raising me with a firm hand. I know now as a parent myself that I needed it. Thank you for making me take a bite out of a bar of soap and chew it till gone because I lied; thank you also for sending me out side to select … Continue reading A Brief Note to Mom


Harry’s Energy Summit Hype

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says construction on the world's first hybrid power plant is starting in northern Nevada. Reid says Enel Green Power North America's geothermal plant in Churchill County is adding a solar project. The plant will combine geothermal and solar power for maximum generation on hot summer days.  Geothermal energy is … Continue reading Harry’s Energy Summit Hype

Army Sergeant Returned to Reno

Reno  2011 -- A Reno soldier was found dead in his barracks room at Fort Carson, Colorado.  Army officials say they discovered Sgt. Jacob Sitko's body on August 13th. Post officials launched a full investigation into the soldier's death. So far they have not released any information discovered during their investigation. Sitko was returned to … Continue reading Army Sergeant Returned to Reno

Cultures of the Tea Party

Reno 2011 -- A sociology researcher says Tea Party voters are more likely than other voters to fear change and harbor negative attitudes toward immigrants. The study, called "Cultures of the Tea Party," is being presented in Las Vegas at the American Sociological Association's annual meeting. Of course the key word, "illegal," is left out … Continue reading Cultures of the Tea Party

Blast Off

It was a typical rainy day and instead of letting us drive her crazy, Mom put Adam and me to work drawing and coloring. It was one of my favorite things to do aside from playing with all the other kids who live in the neighborhood. Mom was in the kitchen making dinner and Adam was sitting at our dining room table with me, busy doing … Continue reading Blast Off

Marine with Nevada Ties Killed in Action

A U.S. Marine with ties to Nevada has been killed in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Joshua Robinson had lived in The Topaz Ranch Estates, south of Carson City, while stationed The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickel Meadow.  Robinson, who grew up near Nelson, Nebraska, died August 7 while on combat operations in Helmand Province. A spokeswoman with the … Continue reading Marine with Nevada Ties Killed in Action

World Bank

When I was a youngster there was only one "World Bank," I ever had to worry about. It sat on a shelf in my bedroom, where I deposited pennies I found on the play ground, sidewalk, floor or wherever. Don't you wish things were still that simple? I sure do.