Driving Her Buggy

There is nothing better than a practical joke that leaves everyone belly laughing.  Sometimes, though a gag can get away from those perpetrating it.

Our house mate, Kay was busy pulling a few weeds in the front yard one early afternoon, when I saw an opportunity to pull a “fast one” on her. I casually involved her in a conversation as she worked away.

As we spoke, I removed a large plastic, green figure of a Preying Mantis from my pocket and hung it from the back of her blouse. Next I went over and sat on the bench and watched her as she continued to yank the unwanted weeds from our flower bed.

Satisfied she had done enough, she started inside the house. Jus’ as she stepped up onto the porch, she felt a strange sensation on her back, saying, “It feels like something’s pulling on the back of my top.”

Kay reached over her shoulder with her right hand and gently tugged at the blouse. She inadvertently felt the something pulling at her top with her hand and felt it brush against her back.

She panicked – screamed and took off running wildly through the house, crying, “Get it off me! Get it off me!”

Her sudden rampage and shouting through the house sent all four dogs into a frenzy and left me confused about what I should do next. Instead of helping my friend, my scrambled mind sent me in the direction of chasing the animal’s outside.

Meanwhile Kay continued to plead, “Get it off me!”

Finally, I grabbed the damned toy and slung it out the still open front-door, pretending it was a real insect. Then, for my own safety, I decided to wait a few minutes for her to calm down before admitting what I had done.

Soon I copped to my actions. Surprisingly, though she started laughing, saying, “I must have looked funny.”

Then she had me go outside and retrieve the toy bug. To make up for what I had done, I took her to the local ice cream parlor for a cup of soft-serve.  

One morning though, I know I’ll wake up with a big black rubber spider in bed with me.

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