Coloring the Water Tower

There used to be a water tower in the area of U.S. 101 and Wonder Stump Road. I know this because one of my best friends in high school used to live out by it.

I won’t mention his name as I don’t want to cause any problems for him.

He, myself and another guy used to climb up the water tower, to the catwalk and paint the named of girls we liked on the side of the tank. While the ladder to gain access to the tower was about 30-feet off the ground, we found an ingenious way to get up there anyhow.

We avoided the ladder and free climbed the legs. Sometimes we would race one another to see who could get to the cat-walk first.

I won only once that I can recall.

The structure has undergone some changes over the years including legs that are a smooth surface now and the removal of the old cat-walk. These gradual  modifications actually started shortly before I graduated from high school.

One day we discovered the authorities had put up cone-like guards around the legs, much like one would do to keep a squirrel from invading a bird feeder. We wandered around the tower for a few minutes finally concluding it was pointless to try climbing it.

But still we had all this paint with us, as we had plans to blazon the names of our current crushes on the side of the tank again. So we concluded that the only thing left to do was paint an old tractor in a nearby field.

I wonder what the farmer thought when he saw his green John Deere was now a bright blue and yellow.

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