Holy Jumpin’ Java

It was shortly after three in the morning. I recall the time because I had jus' wrapped up my newscast for the top of the hour. As I stood at the coffee maker, pouring the hot liquid into my cup, I was looking out the window in front of me. I looked down as I felt my mug … Continue reading Holy Jumpin’ Java



Some one at the radio station had Chinese take out and I found this small slip of paper that obviously came from a fortune cookie. It reads: "You have a flair for adding a fanciful dimension to any story." Thanks for the inspiration -- whoever left it.

Stupidity is Mightier than the Penn

Magician and Miss USA judge Penn Jillette says he's happy a pageant queen from Tennessee lost to Miss California USA Alyssa Campanella. He comes to this conclusion because of her onstage answer to a question about burning Quran's ran afoul of the First Amendment. The vocal half of illusionist duo Penn and Teller says on … Continue reading Stupidity is Mightier than the Penn

Two Postcards, One Letter and a Friendship

With the Internet, Facebook, MySpace, texting and cellphones, it's been a very long time since I had actually received a handwritten letter. It's a nice surprise to find one in the mailbox along with the assorted bills and ads. Lyn is a friend, who knows I collect postcards, especially older cards dealing with Nevada -- … Continue reading Two Postcards, One Letter and a Friendship

Mitchell Post Card Number 143

Much history has been written about the Reno Elks Lodge and its home. The Lodge has served the community for more than a century and at one time included members from Goldfield and Tonopah. Tonopah eventually organized and chartered Mizpah Club, while Goldfield opened the Montezuma Club. The Goldfield Lodge burned down on September 29, … Continue reading Mitchell Post Card Number 143

Teachers Oppose Pay-For-Performance

A bill to stop paying higher salaries to Nevada teachers with advanced degrees and to switch to a pay-for-performance model is raising concerns among many teachers. Governor Brian Sandoval has proposed doing away with advanced degree increases, and establishing a pay scale entirely based on performance. The measure reflects a growing nationwide movement toward performance … Continue reading Teachers Oppose Pay-For-Performance