Playing With Fire

It was a stupid thing to have done. Adam and I were playing with matches, lighting spider-webs on fire. We burned down a shed and part of a fence. And we came pretty damned close to torching two homes. It was the first and only time I got four whippings in one afternoon.

Nevada – The Newest Nanny-state

Nevada has entered the anti-cell phone nanny-state after lawmakers in the Assembly approved a measure banning cell phone calling or texting while driving beginning July 1. The vote was 24-17 without debate on Senate Bill 140. Disgusting! Under the bill, drivers will be allowed to make calls if they use a "hands-free" system while keeping … Continue reading Nevada – The Newest Nanny-state


Fighting Versus Self-Defense

In recent years, school district's everywhere have gone into the politically correct zone by applying disciplinary measures to everybody involved. There seems to be few opportunities for both parents and students to appeal the rules which are written on paper -- but set in stone. And sometimes, you have to wonder, who the real bully is in … Continue reading Fighting Versus Self-Defense

Dog and Donkey Show

The Israeli government is not happy with President Barack Obama after he suggested Israel return to pre-1967 borders. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the original border when Israel was only about eight miles wide, is indefensible considering today's technologies. Then while at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., Netanyahu was joined by … Continue reading Dog and Donkey Show

Rapture Saturday — Really?

If you believe what a small group of non-denominational Christians are preaching, the rapture is coming this Saturday. If you don't -- you probably fall in those who think the prediction is nothing more than a clever advertising campaign designed to get people to listen to a certain radio program. For those who believe the prediction, … Continue reading Rapture Saturday — Really?

Finding Jobs for the Few

The Nevada Senate has approved a bill to include gender identity and expression in employment anti-discrimination protections. Democrat Senator David Parks of Las Vegas told the chamber the bill is a continuation of Nevada's history of extending personal liberty to its citizens.  Senator Ben Kieckhefer of Reno was the sole Republican to support the bill. … Continue reading Finding Jobs for the Few

Arcata, McKinleyville and an Assassinated President

It was Mr. Costello, a Del Norte High coach and history teacher who asked: Why is there a statue of President William McKinley in the town plaza of Arcata? And why is it "McKinleyville" if it doesn't have the statue or any relation to the 25th president? At the time I recall thinking, “Who gives … Continue reading Arcata, McKinleyville and an Assassinated President

Revising the Death of a Terrorist

U.S. authorities, relying on Pakistani intelligence, say the raid on the compound where Osama bin Laden was living wasn't the first time the property was targeted in a search for a top al-Qaida figure. A senior Pakistani intelligence official says the Pakistanis staged a 2003 raid there in search of a man regarded as al-Qaida's … Continue reading Revising the Death of a Terrorist