The Man Under the Hat

UNR President Milton Glick was having dinner at a restaurant with his wife Peggy when he suffered a massive stroke, later dying at a Reno-area hospital. Glick, a one-time chemistry professor and former executive vice-president and provost at the University of Arizona, became UNR’s 15th president.

The news article was typical, run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s what I couldn’t report — that I believe was the real story concerning Milt Glick.

I was looking around trying to figure out “who this Glick character was,” expecting to see folks fawning over a particular person — while next to me stood a slight man, who was also wearing a nice felt topper.

“Nice hat,” he said to me.

I responded, “Thanks, you’re wearing a nice cover yourself — though I think it’s a bit warm for felt today.”

He smiled, “I was jus’ thinking — it’s nice, cool day.”

The comment gave me pause, “So where are you from that it might be warmer than this?”

“Arizona,” he answered.

“You’ve come a long way jus’ to attend an installation ceremony at a university,” I responded.

“Yeah,” he replied, “But I sort of felt I had to.”

Wrinkling my forehead slightly, I asked, “Why?”

“Well, because I’m the guy they’re installing,” he answered, perfectly straight-faced.

I almost swallowed my tongue as he held out his hand and said, “I’m Milt Glick,” with a chuckle.

This is how I’ll always remember Milt:  a quiet demeanor, a sense of humor, and a solid handshake.

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