First off, I’m not a ghost-hunter, a paranormal investigator, a medium or a sensitive — but I have seen a few unusual things from time-to-time. Call it imagination or call it supernatural — I’m not in the business of explaining these thing — I’m jus’ telling of what I observed and how I responded.

To preface what I’m about to impart — after working a particularly long weekend shift and being exhausted — I walked by the men’s room in the radio station and saw a what I thought was somebody going inside. I knew where my on-air relief was at the time and also knew no one was supposed to be in the building, but us two.

So I poked my head in the restroom and found there was nobody there. I continued on my way out the door and never thought about it again — chalking it up to fatigue.


It was jus’ after three on Sunday morning and I had jus’ completed my newscast, when I started for the restroom. I got as far as the sales area — a place lovingly call the “pit” — when I observed a shadow pass along the far wall of the office.

This shadow shouldn’t have been there as no one was walking along the wall. Besides the shadow seemed to be cast in the wrong direction — straight up — instead of slightly backwards as it moved closer to the light that is positioned above the exit.

Quickly, I returned to my work area and grabbed my digital camera — switching it from normal setting to infrared and returning to the pit.

As I walked towards the area where I had seen the shadow — I popped off three photos. That when my camera died, even though I had jus’ replaced the batteries in it the evening before.

So went to the restroom — hoping that whatever it was didn’t follow me in there — as being frightened and peeing on oneself  is unpleasant. And once finished, I retreated to the news desk where all the lights were on.

I remained there for the duration of my shift.

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