The Music of One’s Making

Two men, one from Las Vegas and the other from Reno, have pleaded not guilty in a slaying over a dispute involving a $9,000 debt.  Keon Park and Min Chang entered their pleas in the slaying of Young Park, who is not related to Keon.

Park’s charred body was found December 23 on the Arizona side of the Colorado River near Hoover Dam. Both Chang and Keon remain locked up pending a February 16 court appearance on murder and kidnapping with a weapon, armed robbery, and conspiracy charges.

Authorities say Park ran an escort business and brothel out of a home near Rainbow Boulevard and Desert Inn Road. She owed Chang about $6,000 and Keon about $3,000, with Chang as her driver and Keon booking appointments.

Authorities say both men confessed to their roles in the slaying, admitting to beating and strangling Park. They allegedly tried burning her body first with lighter fluid, but when that didn’t work, they returned the following day and used gasoline to burn her remains.

I need to write a letter to Keon and let him know he’s in my thoughts and prayers.

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