Kick’em in the Left Knee

As I recall we had an undefeated football team at Margaret Keating School the year I graduated, so why Mr. Tom Brown was so angry at us, I don’t know.  All I can remember is we were singing rally songs on the bus home, when he stood up in the front of bus and started chewing us out.

It wasn’t like that was the first time he’d gotten made at us as a team. He became upset at one point when the cheerleading squad used the cheer: “Kick’em in the left knee, kick’em in the right, kick’em in the p—s…touchdown!

Yeah, it wasn’t the kind of cheer a bunch of 7th and 8th grades should have been using, but it was very funny. The looks on Mr. Brown and Mr. Jeff Neyenhouse’s faces were beyond priceless as Mr. Neyenhouse started laughing and Mr. Brown turned red.

I had never heard it before and have never heard it since — but I’ll forever recall it from that one event.

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