Joe Gensaw, 1962-2011

Another fellow Klamath River-Rat has been laid to rest. Joe Gensaw died January 12, 2011 in Eureka. Little Joe, as he was known by many who grew up with him, was born in Crescent City, November 15, 1962.

As a kid, Little Joe was a boxer on his dad’s boxing team, Gensaw Boxing Club. He and my brother Adam boxed together during their 8th grade, freshman and sophomore years.

Adam never did get over the fact that he couldn’t hit Little Joe hard enough to make him want to quit. But there a good many a times when Adam came home, nursing bruises, blackened eyes and bloody lips.

Sharon Jones-Hale, who also grew up in Klamath, says she remembers when Oscar, who was in her class at Margaret Keating School, came into class bragging he had a new baby-brother, named Joseph. She also recalled how Little Joe used to mow her and her mother’s lawn when they lived in the Klamath Glen.

As for me, I can’t recall not ever seeing Little Joe without a smile or having some funny comment to be made. He was jus’ that kind of a guy.

Joe is survived by many family members, including his sister Peggy Sue Gensaw and brother’s Oscar and Curtis Gensaw. He was preceded in death by his mother, Josephine, in 2010 and his father, Oscar Sr., in 2007.

Little Joe’s death leaves a certain void in everyone’s life who knew him.

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