The Dumb, the Door and the Damage

It’s hard to say what was going on in my mind at the time. Perhaps I was full of energy or I was simply bored, either way it did not have the best of outcomes for me.

The sales area to KHIT radio station was a fairly open space. It was in that space that I thought I’d do a few martial art-style kicks for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, I got carried away.

Without realizing it, I had kicked my way across the floor and without much warning put my foot through a door. My initial reaction was like that of a little child knowing he had done something very bad, and I thought of covering up the hole with a piece of paper.

This wasn’t the right thing to do and besides the hole went clean through the door. So instead I wrote a quick note to my boss, explaining what I had done and how it happened.

The following Monday, he called and asked me to come down to the station, which I did. Once there, the General Manager handed me a $150 bill for the cost of replacing the door.

Next time — I think I’ll jus’ knock.

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