Of Friendship and Murder

One of my many duties as the overnight news guy at the radio station is to do what we call, “beat checks.” This involves looking through our email files as well as checking all the regional and local online newspapers for any information involving a possible link to Nevada.

Last week I aired a news story about a body authorities located on the Arizona side, near the Hoover Dam. Many news outlets were speculating it was the body of missing Las Vegas showgirl Debbie Flores-Narvaez, who went missing December 14.

However it wasn’t her and law enforcement officials have yet to release the identity of the body. It is known that the body is that of a female and that she had been lit on fire.

So in doing my job, I followed up on the story only to have it suddenly turn extremely personal. Las Vegas police made two arrests in connection with the body found in Arizona and one of them attended school with my son and was on the cross-country team I coached for their school.

Keon Park has been booked into the Clark County Detention Center, charged with murder using a deadly weapon and first degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon. Also arrested was a man by the name of Min Chang.

Authorities are not saying whether any more arrests are likely in this case. And so far they haven’t indicated a possible motive or a cause of death.

The Keon, I know, has always been a good and decent young man. He was gifted student and a good athlete.

In fact he, Kyle and I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Reno a number of times in order for him to pass his driving test. Keon is originally from South Korea and had a hard time with the written portion because of his poor English.

And as much as it hurts my heart — I’ll follow this story to its final conclusion.

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